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Declare: It’s a Takeover


Since supporting Pastor William McDowell at his sounds of revival concert at the Bethel Convention Centre in 2017, The Projects are back with their debut album entitled Declare: It’s a Takeover.

Although the group is up and coming to the professional UK gospel scene, they have been working together for almost 20 years and the album is a carefully selected collection of their original music, which was written back in the early ’90s.

Originating from Birmingham UK, the group is made up of a combination of husbands and wives, brothers and sisters all of which are self-taught musicians and vocalists. This distinctive set up has allowed them to develop their ministry together both musically and spiritually. Georgia Campbell, a vocalist of the group describes this as “a real help, knowing that you’ve got your friends and family with you every step of the way and being spiritual people, it also means we don’t just have the option to talk about the things we go through. We can pray, we can fast, we can really come together, and it only makes us stronger”.

The album features their personal favorite song ‘Everything’, which was originally released in 2009 as well as their latest single entitled, I Declare which set the ball rolling for their theme of declaration. Visionary of the group Jonathan Campbell says “there’s a temptation to create songs that make your audience dance or feel good, but when you are ministering the gospel, it must be about the message. We wanted to produce a project that can speak to someone’s situation when they listen to it, not just touch them at the moment. When you read the Scriptures, they are accounts of the things that people went through and we draw on these experiences to remind us of the God that we serve. So, we’ve just presented our story and we hope that our listeners are inspired by them, as each song was written from the hearts of the group members both past and present.”

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